Our Vision

Meeting your HR challenges with totally new technology and game changing solutions

EMP Trust Solutions (EMP Trust) is a software technology company that provides Human resources solutions and services across countries and job locations over internet/intranet networks. Our technology solutions meet the needs of large enterprises including Fortune 500 companies, Small and Medium Business, Federal, State and Local agencies, Hospitals, Hospices and Universities.

We provide feature-rich, affordable human resource solutions that offer flexibility, security and ease-of-use and helps to comply with local regulations, meet recordkeeping needs and enhance productivity of employees and HR personnel.

Our HR solutions offer the ability to manage employees across multiple work sites, job locations and countries with popular features like employee profiles, electronic verification with E-Verify, background checks, document retention, regulatory recordkeeping, compliance with ITAR/EAR export regulations and integrate with ERP, HRMIS and Payroll systems.

Solutions can be installed in secure company intranets or can be deployed through EMP Trust secure servers as a SaaS solution. For more information about EMP Trust products and services, please visit our PRODUCTS Page.

EMP Trust solutions and services are sold on the web and through 3rd party channel partners and can be branded to meet customer needs. For more information about EMP Trust channel partner or reseller programs, please visit our Partners Pages.

Our solution-oriented approach unlocks the creativity of your management teams, where success is a business optimization process, not a technical challenge.

EMP Trust is a US Corporation with offices located in Maryland with multiple partner sales locations spread over United States and India.”

As a bedrock principle, EMP Trust believes that our success will be built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. We seek to inspire trust in our relationships with customers, vendors, partners and employees by honoring our commitments and acting with the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and integrity at all times.

EMP Trust reputation as a good corporate citizen is driven primarily by our commitment to conduct our business ethically and with integrity.

EMP Trust requires that employees, officers and directors and anyone else who provide service to the Company comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Company wherever it does business. Employees are expected to use good judgment and common sense in seeking to comply with such laws, rules and regulations.

People are our most important asset. The way employees treat one another, as well as others in large part defines our culture and enables our success. We treat each other with dignity, respect and fairness, and recognize the value of different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints.


We are committed to maintaining a work environment based on mutual respect. One that is free from discrimination or harassment, including intimidating, hostile, or offensive conduct. Discrimination and harassment based on ethnicity or national origin, race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or other category protected by law is strictly prohibited.

Inappropriate or unwelcome sexual behavior is strictly prohibited. EMP Trust does not permit advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, written, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Harassing or discriminating conduct which violates this Code of Conduct is prohibited whether occurring on or off company premises and during working or non-working hours. Harassment or discrimination is also prohibited whether committed by or against subordinates, managers, supervisors, co-workers, or non-employees, including vendors, suppliers or customers.


The success of EMP Trust is dependent on our ability to satisfy customers and vendors by providing them with quality services. Employees will always treat all customers and vendors with respect, professionalism and courtesy. We treat our customers and vendors with honesty and integrity and make promises that we are confident we can meet.


EMP Trust may routinely receive confidential and/or proprietary information from third parties, such as customers, as well as our business partners and others with whom we do business. EMP Trust employees handle such confidential and/or proprietary information appropriately and in accordance with our obligations under our Privacy Policy and any applicable law.


EMP Trust expects employees and others (such as independent contractors and other business partners) to protect the confidentiality of information about employees and customers. This information may include, among other information, personnel files, customer records, and operations information. As a result, employees and others must: (1) prevent unauthorized disclosure of private or proprietary information about employees or customers; (2) apply, where necessary, the appropriate protective measures required by the laws or regulations of those countries in which EMP Trust operates; and (3) support EMP Trust’s Privacy Policy.


Our policies respect the intellectual property of others including copyrights, patents and trademarks.

All EMP Trust officers, employees, agents, and affiliates must comply with (1) all applicable and enforceable laws of the United States that have application outside the United States territory, including U.S. export control laws, anti-boycott laws, trade embargo laws, and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (‘FCPA”) and (2) all laws of the international jurisdictions in which the Company operates (except where prohibited by United States law). Violations of the FCPA and the other U.S. laws applicable to international transactions may result in criminal, civil, and/or administrative sanctions.


The United States regulates the export of goods, services, and technology to foreign countries.

As a US Corporation EMP Trust adheres to US export regulations under the Export Administration Regulation Act ("EAR") and International Traffic in Arms Regulation ("ITAR") with respect to controls imposed on goods, software, technology and services. EMP Trust software and services are primarily provided to countries that do not fall under US trade embargoes or prohibitions and screens customers and vendors to ensure that they do not fall under US government denied party or restricted lists.

Software technology and services provided by EMP Trust are normally classified under EAR regulations as EAR99 with no specific requirements for license ("NLR" - No License Required) from US Department of Commerce or US Department of State. All Employees if involved in an export transactions must ensure that all information provided in connection with the export is accurate and truthful and keep relevant records.


The United States from time to time restricts or prohibits trade and other commercial dealings between U.S. citizens (including U.S. persons, U.S. incorporated companies, alien residents in the U.S., and in some instances foreign-based affiliates of U.S. companies) and certain countries, including residents and citizens of those countries. The Company requires that all employees adhere to the letter and spirit of U.S. restrictions and prohibitions on trade with other countries.


The U.S. anti-boycott laws prohibit the Company from supporting boycotts imposed against countries friendly to the United States.

The anti-boycott laws prohibit the Company or any of its employees from refusing to do business with anyone based upon race, national origin, religion, or gender, and from providing information about such matters to customers and potential customers.

United States law requires that requests to participate in a boycott be reported promptly to the U.S. government.


All employees are required to comply fully with the FCPA, which prohibits the bribery of foreign government officials, political party officials or candidates, or political parties. The FCPA defines a bribe as anything of value (i.e., cash or non-cash items) given or offered for the purpose of influencing a decision to obtain, retain, or direct business.


EMP Trust policy is to fully comply with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust and competition laws of the countries where it operates.

EMP Trust has a longstanding commitment to protecting the environment and our planet for future generations. In every product or solution that we make, in every service we provide and in every market we serve, we strive to be good stewards of the earth and its resources.

Employees are encouraged to recycle and conserve natural resources. We strive to use water, energy and forest products responsibly wherever we do business.

EMP Trust recognizes that climate change is real and must be mitigated, and we support efforts to reduce global emissions to levels guided by evolving science.

We believe that by actively engaging with our employees, customers, stakeholders and partners, we can create a healthy, sustainable future for everyone.


Giving back to the community is part of EMP Trust culture. Officers and employees are encouraged to invest time and expertise in local communities, volunteer in social outreach and charitable giving. Our employees also leverage core skills and competencies by volunteering their skills to a variety of important community-based initiatives


EMP Trust owners and officers have a long-standing commitment to support programs aimed at improving quality of life for fellow citizens, supporting the less fortunate and social wellness programs. We actively support many charities in our local neighborhoods and limit our contributions to established well reputed non-profit organizations.


As per current policy EMP Trust does not contribute to political causes or campaigns, events or fund raisers for any person(s) or parties in the US or in other countries.

We do not solicit employees or officers to contribute to any political parties nor encourage political activity and discourse in the workplace espousing any party due to its inherent disruptive nature.

Because U.S. law and the laws of many state and local governments forbid companies from contributing to political candidates or parties, contributing money or time on behalf of EMP Trust and any use of EMP Trust name or resources to support political parties or candidates must be approved in advance by senior management in writing. Further, employees are prohibited from seeking reimbursement from the Company for any political contributions, including without limitation, reimbursement for participation in political events or fundraisers.

At EMP Trust we consider diversity and inclusion an integral part of our business strategy. With a workforce based in multiple countries and nationalities, our workforce is a harmonious mix of races, ethnicities, religions, ages, levels of disability, backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures.

Our Human resource policy is to ensure we have a workforce reflective of a diverse global marketplace and an inclusive culture where everyone is engaged.

We strive to ensure that each employee is heard and valued and that personal strengths and perspectives are assets to the company. By continuing to drive these initiatives throughout the company, we’re able to harness each individual’s full potential, drive innovation and become a better place to work.

Inclusion is about embracing, respecting, honoring, recognizing and, ultimately, leveraging our differences to build a better community, workplace and world.


EMP Trust employees and contractors work in multiple countries with different cultures, norms and levels of economic development. We firmly support human rights across countries and believe human rights are fundamental rights across the globe. Our principles on human rights are formed from best practices, management systems and acknowledged standards which are included in the United Nations (U.N.) Declaration of Human Rights, the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF), fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization, International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001), and the overall framework of the U.N. Global Compact.