Our Vision

Meeting your HR challenges with totally new technology and game changing solutions

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EMP Trust Solutions (EMP Trust) is a software technology company that provides Human resources solutions and services across countries and job locations over internet/intranet networks. Our technology solutions meet the needs of large enterprises including Fortune 500 companies, Small and Medium Business, Federal, State and Local agencies, Hospitals, Hospices and Universities.

We provide feature-rich, affordable human resource solutions that offer flexibility, security and ease-of-use and helps to comply with local regulations, meet recordkeeping needs and enhance productivity of employees and HR personnel.

We think traditional software vendors have failed to deliver the technology needed for effective Talent Acquisition & Talent Management. What went wrong? Poor technology decisions and a wholesale replacement of R&D and innovation with M&A driven “bolt on” acquisitions have produced rigid and incompatible Product Suites with no sweet spot for the business.

Our HR solutions offer the ability to manage employees across multiple work sites, job locations and countries with popular features like employee profiles, electronic verification with E-Verify, background checks, document retention, regulatory recordkeeping, compliance with ITAR/EAR export regulations and integrate with ERP, HRMIS and Payroll systems.

Solutions can be installed in secure company intranets or can be deployed through EMP Trust secure servers as a SaaS solution. For more information about EMP Trust products and services, please visit our PRODUCTS Page.

EMP Trust solutions and services are sold on the web and through 3rd party channel partners and can be branded to meet customer needs. For more information about EMP Trust channel partner or reseller programs, please visit our Partners Pages.

Our solution-oriented approach unlocks the creativity of your management teams, where success is a business optimization process, not a technical challenge.

We strive to combine the usability of systems like Facebook with the functionality to support high value, high impact business activity. Imagine that your technical solutions fit your business as well as Amazon’s website fits theirs. Imagine that the usability, mobility, configurability, and utility of the Platform is supported by intense customer feedback – that means both you and high velocity application development cycles – and that innovations like Android, the iPad, and HTML 5 are at your fingertips almost as soon as they become commercially available.

EMP Trust is a US Corporation with offices located in San Jose, California, Bethesda and Maryland with multiple partner sales locations spread over United States and India.”