Steps to New Hire Onboarding

1. Send the offer letter:

The organization must very clearly mention the following in the offer letter:


  • Job Profile
  • Job Description
  • Contact number/ e-mail.
  • Compensation Offer.
  • Follow up


2. Offer acceptance:

Once the employee has accepted the offer, the company must prepare the following paperwork:


  • Employment Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • Employee Field Guide/ Staff Manual.


3. Waiting Period:

During this period the company can:


  • send a welcome e-mail.
  • assign the work system and network credentials.
  • find someone to familiarize the new hire with the company.


4. First day of joining:

The first day of joining brings with it a cocktail of emotions for the new hire. The anxiety, nervousness, and excitement all grip them simultaneously. Therefore, the HR manager plays a key role in helping the new employee feel welcome and settle in.


5. First week:

During the first week, HR must communicate regularly with the new hire. They should set up all their meetings and the schedule for the first week. Besides that, the new hire must be introduced to their trainee and reporting manager.


6. First 3 months:

The first 3 months are a deciding factor for employee retention. The company’s first impression of the new hire and vice versa are developed within this period. It is a good idea to indulge the new hire in the following activities:


  • Review performance.
  • Collect feedback on the work environment.
  • Check-in every 30 days to deal with any concerns.



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