Employee Onboarding Statistics 2024

Employee Onboarding Statistics 2024 

  • According to 32% of workers, the onboarding process was erratic, informal, or reactive. 
  • 58% of workers claim that the onboarding program’s primary focus is on paperwork and procedures. 
  • Just 12% of workers believe that their company performs an excellent job of onboarding new hires. 
  • 20% of workers don’t think they were effectively onboarded three months into their jobs. 
  • Time-to-productivity ratios were higher in 64% of businesses with specialized onboarding programs than in those without. 
  • 80%of employees ran into problems when they were being onboarded. thought that the onboarding procedure was crucial. 
  • 69% of workers who believe they have been properly onboarded are likely to stay with a company for at least three years. 
  • When companies used a consistent onboarding process, their productivity increased by an average of 54%. 


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