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Today, HR has come a long way from merely filing employee related data and operational processes to a business partnering role. In this journey, HR processes have undergone a dramatic shift with respect to how it is carried out. The face of the HR team has more and more become a portal, than an individual. Automation of HR workflow and many of its basic processes has helped increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve productivity. Organizations that adopt HR technology tools have a competitive advantage over those that do not. Automating basic processes, also help the HR team to shift their energies to more strategic goals. Employees also benefit with organizational communication channels being more responsive, open, transparent and measurable.

Some of the key processes that benefit from automated workflow management

  • Employee Onboarding Process

    Assist new hires with a complete, comprehensive and efficient onboarding experience. Automated HR Onboarding tools can collect relevant employee information even prior to joining. Communicating key information with relevant departments and initiating necessary action. Much of the employee related paper work can be eliminated through HR Onboarding tools. Many hours of signing and filing paperwork can be reduced, and can help the new hire to be quickly assimilated into the organization. It also helps to seamlessly engage many departments, to ensure the new hire receives the necessary tools and access to start work.

  • Performance Reviews

    Performance reviews can be done in a consistent, timely, and efficient manner with Performance Management Systems. Employees can be part of a richer experience with respect to performance review and feedback. The process would be far more transparent, engaging and participatory. The system also ensures that quality of feedback is monitored, and efficiency of the entire employee base can be measured. An automated system can also help build developmental goals, initiate career planning and ensure high performers are duly recognized and appropriately rewarded.

  • Employee Training and Development

    Training and development for an employee can be linked to the onboarding process, the performance management process or as an independent function. Automation can ensure tracking of employee progress, as well as gauging improvements. Employees can individually manage their training programmes. Often, training programmes are delivered on portals in a module based series.

  • Employee Offboarding

    Offboarding is a matter that is to be handled delicately and with caution. A manual process, may leave it open ended with the possibility of loopholes. Offboarding involves proper documentation, return of equipment, termination of grants and access, as well as settlement of dues and benefits. Automating the process ensures that critical steps in termination of employment is handled properly.

  • Hiring and Screening

    Recruitment can be streamlined with automation and help HR ensure that all applicants are screened properly and necessary background checks are conducted. Scheduling of interviews, tracking progress and approvals are made easier.

  • Compensation and Benefits

    Using HR automation tools for compensation, payroll and benefits ensures a transparent process. Employees can review their compensation package, with some companies allowing employees to choose their benefits. Automation streamlines the process, making it open and responsive. Information can be quickly updates for new hires and action expedited in cases of offboarding.

  • Leave Requests

    Approval of leave requests, in paper format, can be tedious and time consuming for all – the employee, manager and HR. Leave management systems ensure traceable documentation, and ensure companies can track, manage and approve employee leave requests more efficiently.

  • Employee personal data

    Automation of filing of personnel data helps to update, track and organize employee is an efficient way. Automation helps reduce errors or loss of data, as well as help to track employee information.

  • Time Sheet Approvals

    Shooting off emails for approvals can be difficult to manage and track. Employees can key in data and track time sheet submissions through an automated system. Automated systems can expedite collection of data and collate and validate information for approval. This also saves time and effort involved in updating employee records manually.

Automation can be used to streamline and enhance efficiency of many of other business and HR related process including

  • Expense Claims
  • Travel Requests
  • Employee Status Change
  • Documentation Request
  • Non-compete signoff
  • Grievance process
  • Safety Hazards Management
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