10 Must-Do’s for Employee Onboarding

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The Onboarding process is a defining moment for the new hire and the organization and can be an inflection point for the new hire in particular. Smooth transition into their new role at the workplace depends largely on the effectiveness of the onboarding program. The first few days is a test for the employee and will decide whether they stay the course and their career in the organization will go the distance and meet expectations. The initial few days, most importantly the first day and week should be utilized to ease the new hire into the organizational setup and culture. Focus should be on making sure that the employee has a good initial outing at the work place and he feels comfortable and welcome. The management should go out of the way to make the new hire feel special and happy to be part of the company setup.

We list out top 10 Must-do’s to ensure a successful onboarding process.

  • Do send a welcome letter / email to greet your new hire. Keep the letter personalized, welcoming and engaging.
  • Do outline the company goals, its mission and vision.
  • Do connect the employee to the manager and HR personnel.
  • Do reiterate benefits and package, and explain roles and responsibilities providing a more detail job description.
  • Do provide access for the new hire to the employee portal and walk him/her through the processes needed  to complete and submit paperwork and compliance related forms.
  • Do provide details including the “when, where and how” of reporting to work. This could include even the office dress code, parking instructions, other unofficial norms at works. Also provide a guided tour of the office space.
  • Do prepare the new hire’s work station with all the tools in place, ready and available.
  • Do assign a buddy at work for the new hire, and brief that employee of his role.
  • Do inform team members and other stakeholders of new hire joining details, and get them onboard in making the new employee feel welcome.
  • Do communicate the first day/week itinerary. Briefly mention the duties and responsibilities of the new job along with the expectations and key performance indicators.
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