Upcoming Webinar On Candidate Engagement

Webinar Info:

Time: TUESDAY | MARCH 10, 2020 | 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM EST

Presenter: MANOJ TIWARI (Vice President, BalanceTRAK)

Overview: Sourcing good candidates can be a real challenge. And when that perfect candidate comes your way, there’s very little margin of error. No doubt they’ve been applying to multiple positions, and it’s your job to keep them engaged and make sure that they make it through the hiring process and accept your offer.


As an HR professional, this is a challenge you face on a regular basis, but in this competitive job market, it’s vital that you stick the landing every time. In this webinar, EMP Trust’s Thomas Mathew joins forces with BalanceTRAK’s expert strategist Manoj Tiwari to break down the tools and processes you should be applying, not only to get the best candidates in the door, but also to keep them engaged throughout the hiring and onboarding process. It’s easier than you think!

Webinar participants will learn:


  • Strategies for keeping sought-after-candidates engaged
  • Best contact mediums
  • How to track your engagements in a centralized repository
  • Identifying the effective touch points
  • How to research and develop understanding of your candidates
  • Common mistakes recruiters make


EMP Trust HR: EMP Trust offers Employee Onboarding, Electronic I-9, and E-Verify as a whole system or as stand-alone modules. We provide a comprehensive employee onboarding solution that can incorporate all your HR required documents to be fully electronic; including Form I-9, Federal, State, City, and company-specific forms with electronic signature capability. This can be integrated into SAP or other HRIS systems in a number of ways for a seamless flow of information.


BalanceTRAK: In a world where 80% of companies are unhappy with their ATS, BalanceTRAK offers an alternative applicant tracking tool for busy HR professionals. This forward-leaning talent acquisition system was built for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to take their talent acquisition to the next level. BalanceTRAK is built and backed by Berkshire Associates—a company where HR people and technology people work together to build easy-to-use HR solutions.

Webinar Participants:

Manoj Tiwari

Vice President, BalanceTRAK


As the Vice President of Business & Product Development, Manoj Tiwari oversees Business Development, Marketing, Software Development, Technical Support and enterprise software accounts for Berkshire. With over 30 years of combined business and technical experience, Manoj has been instrumental in constructing well-defined processes, and automating large-volume, affirmative action plan preparation for Fortune 500 companies. He has emerged as one of the industry’s leading authorities on engineering automated solutions for human resources. He has held distinguished positions at companies including IBM, EDS, Amtrak and MCI.

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