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How to create your own Electronic Form I-9?

To create your own electronic Form I-9 while following the guidelines provided by USCIS, you can use the following steps:

  • Provide employees with clear instructions on how to complete the Form I-9 electronically.
  • Design a legible electronic form that mirrors the layout and structure of the official Form I-9 provided by USCIS.
  • Ensure that you do not alter the name, content, or order of the data elements and instructions as outlined on the USCIS website.
  • Do not any extra data fields or language that is not already included in the official Form I-9 template.
  • Keep the created forms following the guidelines set by the Department of Homeland Security.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can create a compliant electronic version of Form I-9 for your organization.


Electronic Storage System:


EMPTrust provides an electronic Form I-9 software solution to capture Form I-9 information from new hires as part of the employee hiring or the HR Onboarding process.


I-9s can be stored in electronic or paper form or as a combination of both. If the Form I-9 is completed in paper form, it can be scanned, and the original copies can be uploaded on a system, and it can be saved electronically. The original paper form is no longer required once the Form I-9 has been stored electronically.


Or you can use Electronic Form I-9 software like EMPTrust’s that supports electronic and Paper I-9 Form process. This helps to capture and store all Form I-9 information in one database for easy retrieval.


It utilizes electronic signatures that adhere to the E-Sign Act through a compliant click-to-sign solution for capturing both the employee and manager’s signatures.


Our Electronic Form I-9 Software enables managers to review Form I-9 records meeting the three-year/one-year rule and delete older records that comply with data purge guidelines, reducing risks during USCIS/DHS audits.


It provides custom workflows and notifications tailored to each site for multiple locations, worksites, and divisions.


Your employees can access our electronic Form I-9 from anywhere. It’s adaptable to any device and is very user-friendly. Therefore, minimum training efforts are required to help an employee complete the Form I-9.


We also offer support for Form I-9 Video Verification– the “alternative procedure” included in the 2023 version of Form I-9. Companies can now remotely verify identity and eligibility of the new employee. For this, the provision of live video conversations can be utilized as per the USCIS guidelines.

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