Efficient, User-Friendly, & Compliant

Remote Form I-9 Video Verification solution

EMP Trust now offers Form I-9 Video Verification, allowing employers to remotely verify employee
identity and eligibility with live video conversations, simplifying compliance with USCIS updates.

Our intuitive interface allows for hassle-free, cost-effective, and compliant video verification for
remote new hires.

FORM I-9 VIDEO VERIFICATION | Save resources & boost compliance.


Customizable roles and permissions to suit your company’s unique needs


Integration with your current HR or payroll system


Simple live video calling capabilities for efficient virtual verification-simplified workflow for virtual verification with alerts & notifications


Built in reliability, security, and I-9 compliance standards


Optimized and adaptable for seamless usage on almost any device

Accessible I-9 AGENT OPTIONS

EMP Trust delivers a dedicated portal for authorized I-9 representatives who are located remotely. We help you simplify the process by providing secure and convenient access to anyone outside of your organization so they may assist with Section 2 of the I-9 without having to log into your business’ dashboard.

Access to a nationwide I-9 agent network for ongoing support

Since the inception of the Form I-9 in 1986, the process of employment eligibility verification had relied on in-person physical documentation examination. As of August 1, 2023, qualifying employers have the option of skipping logistically challenging and resource-draining in-person verifications and opting for a legalized virtual alternative. 

EMP Trust’s Remote I-9 software helps your HR department seamlessly implement this new provision, taking advantage of opportunities to boost efficiency and connect with a fresh talent pool. This game-changing software solution allows for the easy creation and secure storage of I-9 Forms along with live video verification capabilities for remote employees.

Gain access to a reliable, on-demand network of authorized agents who have been trained to complete the Form I-9, including Section 2.

How does I-9 Remote Verification work?

Simplify your Form I-9 verification procedure with our countrywide network of remote agents in all 50 states. Our cloud-based, completely automated system offers a network of remote offices and notary agents, helping to save time, costs, and eliminate non-compliance.

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