What is a New Hire Portal? Why is it Important?

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A new hire portal is a gateway from which a company can welcome new hires into the organization and integrate them faster into the company culture. Using the new hire portal the company can build a good first impression, give an overview of their culture and welcome new hires with an engaging and customized experience. Through the portal, employers can convey a personalized welcome message and video, coordinate forms and tasks, and share policies and benefits. It’s a centralized location that has all the important data pertaining to the new hire.


Why is a new hire portal critical?


The new hire portal provides visually rich and relevant information through an updated graphical user interface that allows new hires to receive information based on their job, hire type, track tasks and forms for completion. This simplifies and speeds up the onboarding process, allowing candidates to be more productive because they have to provide relevant information just once.


A portal is built to support new hires by helping them connect to a mentor, access learning tools, partnership opportunities, important files and a plethora of organizational resources. 


With the new hire portal, the new hires can:

  • Understand and integrate into company culture faster.
  • Be acclimatized and feel welcome in the new work environment.
  • Pre-board new hires.
  • Understand company branding.
  • Get a personalized, engaging and fun onboarding experience.
  • Meet the company’s HR and technical team online.
  • Listen to a video snippet from the CEO.
  • Assess benefits, complete forms and tasks, and be aligned with the organization’s goals, mission, and values.

Also, HR managers can allocate an onboarding package for each new hire based on their role or location, designate tasks to complete, measure their progress, and retrieve feedback.


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