Building New Hire Practices for Onboarding

Table of Contents



  • Recruiting Policies and processes implemented (hiring policies and procedures, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements and policies, new hire orientation process and agenda, etc.).
  • Process in place to document the receipt of new hire paperwork by the employee or employer.
  • New recruit documentation to be distributed to key departments via a well-defined process
  • Procedures are designed to make new hires feel comfortable in the business or department.
  • Payroll and benefits enrollment will be handled on time with the help of HR procedures.




  • New hiring schedule to be prepared including meetings with managers and coworkers, tours of the facility, lunch, and so on.
  • A mentorship/buddy program designed, and mentors and buddies to receive training.
  • Employees to receive specialized training needed to be successful in their jobs.
  • Annual and long-term goals and objectives are set and communicated to new hires.
  • Job goals and objectives for the first employee are defined and communicated to the employee.
  • Below are some of the training content developed.


1)About the Organization and its methods of doing business.


2)New supervisors to receive training on “Business Management”.


3)Preventing sexual assault.


4)Performance management.


5)Overview of the organization’s internal policies and practices.




  • Plan for managers to meet with new employees on a regular basis to check-in and provide training.
  • There will be presentations at orientation meetings produced by each department for new hires to learn about the many areas of the company.
  • Scheduled meetings with all essential internal and external stakeholders engaged in the success of the employee in his or her position.




  • The development of a new recruit orientation survey and the quarterly reporting of the results to the senior management team.


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