How to Successfully Onboard a New Hire

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Hiring a great talent who is the right fit for the job is just the first step towards organizational productivity. The quality of the onboarding program will determine how effectively the new hire integrates into the new work culture. An onboarding program prepares the employee for their new role, equips them with the needed skill sets and ushers them through the process of becoming part of the larger team.


The process of onboarding starts from the moment the candidate accepts the offer. The organisation needs to seize the initiative by setting out processes that will make this transition smooth for the new hire like sending a introductory mail as well as setting up his workspace with all the needed tools and equipment’s. Time early with a buddy or mentor can also be very effective.


On the new hire’s first day, the HR department/technical team involved in their interview process should be there to welcome him/her. This will help to ease the nerves. Its also important to introduce new hires to colleagues, management, and team members. Also a critical part of the onboarding process is making the new hire aware of the organization culture and values.


We list out 6 things to look into for successfully onboarding a new hire.

    • A welcome letter/email to greet your new hire

Keep the letter personalized, welcoming and engaging. Provide necessary information on the schedule for their first day. Share details of the contact person. Provide details including the “when, where and how” of reporting to work. This could include even the office dress code, parking instructions, other unofficial norms at works.

    • Outline the company goals, its mission and ethos

Provide an overview of your organization, its brief history. Highlight mission, values, and policies. New employees should also be guided on how the organization implements its goals and mission on a daily basis at the workplace. Also define the department goals and how the new hire fits into the scheme of things.

    • Schedule meeting with HR manager

Clarify organizational policies and procedures such as workplace timings, holidays, leave structure, flexible hours, overtime, etc. Inform safety, security and privacy policies. Share code of conduct. Take the new hire on a guided tour of the office space. Navigate them to the utility area, pantry, restrooms, conference rooms, break rooms, etc.

    • Connect the employee to the manager, mentor, and team

Explain your company’s organizational structure including details of team members and reporting manager. Assign a buddy at work for the new hire, and brief that employee of his role. Inform team members and other stakeholder’s of new hire joining details. Introduce new hire to his team. Plan a team bonding session and team outing to break the ice and help the new hire connect to his team. Provide pictures and fun facts of each associate.

    • Explain roles and responsibilities providing a more detail job description

Briefly mention your new employee’s job description and responsibilities. Define clear, measurable goals for your new hire’s first year at work. Set work expectations, KPA’s and KRS’s. Communicate new hire’s career growth plan and company’s vision for the employee. Reiterate benefits, bonus, variables and package criteria. Describe the first day/week itinerary. Organize job based training programs to sharpen skill needed skill sets.

    • Prepare the new hire’s work station

Provide access for the new hire to the employee portal and walk him/her through the processes needed  to complete and submit paperwork and compliance related forms. Prepare the new hire’s work station with all the tools/software in place, ready and available. Give instructions for using office equipment. Provide your new hire an office key, parking space. Create a new email account and share login details. Hand over new hire ID card’s, business card’s. Add new hire to shared mailing groups and forums.



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