HCM Software to Simplify Workforce Management

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HCM software functions can be categorized under the following segments

  • Core HR functions such as benefit and payroll administration, onboarding, employee information management and compliance
  • Talent Management which includes recruitment, talent development, retention, performance management, rewards management, training and development and succession planning. The talent management suite comprises of different modules seamlessly integrated into one system.
  • Resource Management comprises of tools required for management of workforce across geographies, projects or functions. These would include time and attendance management tools, workforce planning, workforce scheduling and budgeting.
  • Service Delivery management systems help deploy HR services for the HR team as well as employees, such as employee and HR intranet portals, HR helpdesks, employee/manager self service portals

HCM software seamlessly operates across functional boundaries and integrates other indispensable platforms and tools such as analytics. It provides mobile access for employee and HR applications, that help keep teams abreast of updates. HCM suites also incorporates social media interactions and employee engagement tools.

Creating a robust structured process is key to workflow management. Teams and departments often follow a document driven method to manage a process. Requests, approvals, and sign offs are passed through the hierarchy to complete the procedure. These processes ensure that decisions are taken with consensus and proper judgement, in the best interest of the organization. While this may become time consuming, it may be best to ensure check points at different levels. A healthy workflow management system becomes a foundation for success in the competitive business environment. Workflow optimization, ensure a smooth running, help to address glitches quicker, and help to measure and improve business efficiency. HR workflow management aid in making HR processes more nippy, thereby improving productivity.

HR Workflow automation creates an infrastructure that streamlines business processes in a automated environment. Requests and signoffs, document filing, filling employee data amongst other document related work – can be seamlessly integrated to platforms that ensure smooth running.
Fundamental HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, training, employee appraisal, performance management, rewards, employee database filing can all be designed and integrated into an automated process. This helps improve accuracy, and speed while reducing time and costs.

Benefits of an HR Workflow Solution

Automation of workflow management can be created to cater specifically to a business and industry, as well as building in systems to address the needs of various business processes.

Workflow management Automation helps to

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Reduce Costs
  • Build Process networks and bridge gaps
  • Save time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Positively affect profitability
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