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While choosing an HR software, there are many things to consider. Do you choose a stand-alone or otherwise called point onboarding systems or HR systems that are all-inclusive?

Point onboarding systems provide many advantages, including offering better customization options, advanced functionalities, and settings. This is usually because the software developing company is focused on building and developing one single technology.

On the other hand, all-in-one HR suites offer certain specific advantages, such as swift integration with other platforms in the suite. Recruitment, Training, Learning and Development, Payroll, and other HR systems such as Rewards and Compliance are seamlessly integrated. Such systems offer the benefit of not asking users to familiarize themselves with a new interface, nor having to spend more money on additional systems.

So when it comes to searching for an ideal employee onboarding system, what must you be looking for. Its easy to be swept away by slick interfaces, and clean palates, or to go for a pocket-friendly option. However, both these features may not guarantee a good onboarding process, and in the long run, it might cost you more in terms of money and value. We recommend these four pointers to look out for while scouting for a good employee onboarding software.

  • Structured content and initiation during Onboarding

While most companies would prefer to make an employee’s introduction to the work environment relaxed and unwound, at the end of the day, the employee would like to get a sense of what is expected from them. It must go beyond a casual chat and the first day-one day initiation. Research indicates that 52% of hires would look forward to receiving organized, pertinent, and relevant content during the onboarding process.

While you may want to steer away from a stiff and demanding process on day one, you would want to impart a sense of what their individual role and expectation is and what their work environment is likely to be. The employee onboarding software you are searching for must scale to the company’s strategic onboarding goals, and not merely tick the requirement for the software.

  • Easy navigation

A good onboarding software makes the initiation process simple and easily navigable for the new hire. The first day brings with itself its own load of concerns and apprehensions. With nearly 33% of new hires quitting within 3 months of joining, it helps to have a technology that lets new hires understand, navigate, and comprehend policies and nuances at their
pace. Avoid lengthy wordy documents and provide simple solutions that keep it clean, easy to understand with an uncomplicated interface. Provide tool-tips, in-app training options, and a team or help tools to assist when required.

Many employees are left exasperated having to navigate through systems that come along with an HRIS or ATS package. These systems are often developed to cater to HR teams, and often overlook the onboarding process from the perspective of the new hire. Keep in mind to ensure the interface is user-friendly when looking for an employee onboarding process.

  • Seamless integration with other applications

This is fundamental in the search for a good onboarding system. One of the key questions to ask the developer is to find out which systems would integrate with your existing software platforms, which applications would not. If any features are propriety and wouldn’t work with other systems, it’s best to look at your next option. You wouldn’t want to spend your money only to find out that it doesn’t fit into your existing technology framework.

An integrated system can automatically populate identical fields from one application to another. Information retrieved from the ATS can be used to auto-populate new hire forms. This reduces time and cost and improves efficiency. Also, HR managers and hiring managers can seamlessly transition the candidate through the recruitment funnel and after hiring into onboarding, benefits, and payroll, and so on. With a seamlessly integrated onboarding platform, the management gets access data and insights such as candidate feedback in the interview process which can be used to customize an onboarding program for the new hire. It also guarantees no workflow steps are missed along the way and ensures new hires are entering onboarding are completing all the requirements and steps in the recruitment phase.

  • Keep it paperless

Paperwork is increasingly on its way out, and this not just in HR processes. Onboarding is no exception. Taxing the new hire with multiple papers to fill on day one, filling the same details numerous times is detrimental not just for onboarding but also for the company processes.
Keeping it paperless is an elementary feature in any good employee onboarding software. Data filled in one form should appear on all other forms automatically. Keeping it in the system helps avoid any compliance lapse and mitigates risk for your HR teams.

These four pointers make up for the fundamentals when one is deciding on a perfect onboarding system for one’s organization. Companies get a competitive edge with a strategic and formal onboarding process. Equipping it with the right technology makes the process efficient, smooth, and accountable. With a foundation of a solid onboarding, you get employees becoming productive sooner. Eliminating the dulling paperwork process becomes a lot smoother and keeps a virtual paper trail. With these tips in mind, you would help employees feel more motivated and engaged from day one.

EMPTrust HR’s employee onboarding software provides new hires forms with a standard new hire portal and branding with electronic form I-9 and E-Verify. New hire forms include Federal and all State Tax Forms, Direct Deposit, New Hire Policies, and Handbook Signoffs with access via mobile, tablets, and computers.

Features and Benefits

  • Form I-9 Compliance and E-Verify

Fully integrated Form I-9 provides all required compliance checks and data and rule validations for sections 1-3 with required reminders, email notifications and dashboards to fully comply and provide USCIS detailed reports. Support for remote hires and I-9 audit remediation tools.

  • HR Compliance

You get compliance with US Federal, State & County laws, regulations and notices including Form I-9 and DHS E-Verify updated including W-4, State Withholding forms, Local state and county legal notices updated for all 50 states. Get EEOC, OFCCP and Veterans forms and reports as part of the package.

  • Employee Handbooks and Policy Updates

Track all annual notices and Handbooks, changes to HR policies and ensure your company is fully protected with employee signature on core HR policies and employee handbooks.

  • Manage Multiple New Hire forms and Packages

You can manage multiple new hire forms and hiring packages including offer letter, benefit and compensation letters, NDA, Non-Competes and more custom forms and tailor your new hire forms and information by employee position, location and job title.

  • Task Management

Simplify your internal Onboarding tasks and workflow approvals with status tracking, email notifications and alerts. Our process will manage all internal and external tasks associated with the new employee Onboarding process. Provide standard tasks with templates and allows your team to create any custom tasks with required workflow notices and approvals.

  • Flexible workflows and configuration

Configure the system to fit your needs. Systems allows each company to configure and setup workflow notices and customs forms and fields on demand. The solution is available as one complete platform or separated by the modules and processes you need.

  • Employee Onboarding and Task Automation

EMP Trust Solutions provides a paperless automated system for New Hires to complete their onboarding forms. Using the platform New Hires can complete their forms online; speeding up the hiring process and reducing the amount of errors in onboarding.

  • Electronic Form I-9 & E-Verify

Fully electronic Form I-9 allows new hires to complete section 1 and HR users to complete section 2 after review of supporting documentation to show work eligibility. Manage all re-verification and rehires with status reminders and email notifications to users and managers. Provides remote agent and Form I-9 remediation support. Manage compliance, reduce error and risk of fines and provide any required documentation for any audit with single click export of all forms. Provides all required audit trails, reports and dashboards with workflow notices.

  • Customized User Experience

Customize the look and feel of the application with a customized branded portal. Embedded and Complete with your organization’s logo, theme, and culture. Organize information for new hires to view based on job position, location and hire type to provide all required information including teams, organization structure, add a mentor, provide information on benefits and campus. Let them know what typical first day or week or 30 days will look like. Provide orientation videos and welcome messages from CEO, team leads and more.

  • WOTC and Background Checks

Fully integrated Onboarding software with multiple WOTC, background verifications and skill assessment providers.

  • HRIS and Payroll Integrations

Automate your Onboarding process with fully integrated Applicant Tracking, HRIS, Benefits with major ERP & Payroll systems.

  • Manuals, Training Videos and Help Desks

Online context sensitive help, guides, self paced training videos and a help desk that allows users to learn the solution. With the added benefit of a dedicated support team providing 24/7 support.

  • Electronic Forms with E-Signatures

All required forms including Form I-9, W-4, State tax forms, Wage notices, State legal notices and local tax forms along with your HR Policy sign-offs, employee handbooks are included as easy to use e-forms and can be completed used any device – phones, tablets and computers are supported across all browsers. All forms are mobile friendly.

  • Employee Handbooks & Policy Manager

Manage ongoing policy changes, employee handbook with required electronic signature & policy sign offs across your entire work force. Provide handbooks in multiple languages. Create and update policy with easy to use word editors.

  • Empower Training

Setup and manage training schedules, assign training types and completion dates for each employee. Setup training courses by each employee for first day readiness. Manage employee training needs by adding videos and course content or link training events to your Learning Management System.

  • Onboarding Reports and Dashboards

Reports to get unique views for each activity.

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