Top Rated & Most Popular Employee Onboarding Platforms 2024

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Onboarding new hires to a team is an integral part of a any business. This critical process gives you a wonderful opportunity to introduce new talent into a team, equipping them with the resources, knowledge, and guidance they require.

When done right, an effective onboarding process can significantly enhance the productivity of new hires. Moreover, with the right pieces of software, the process of streamlining the onboarding process can be made simpler.

The significance of employee onboarding software lies in its simplicity and user-friendliness. It offers an additional hand to HR teams to seamlessly onboard employees, including those working remotely or onsite.

Onboarding software guarantees a smooth and professional transition each time. It aids in the development of accurate checklists and routines, ensuring a smooth journey for new hires during their vital initial weeks.

Let’s look at the top-rated employee onboarding software for 2024.

EMP Trust  HR

EMP TRUST SOLUTIONS, LLC provides a cloud based SaaS Human Capital Management solution for Employee Onboarding, Form I-9 and E-verify for customers located in 54 countries in 17 different languages. EMP Trust HR’s employee onboarding software provides new hires forms with a standard new hire portal and branding with electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify.

The platform helps create great new hire onboarding experiences globally. They provide customizable electronic forms, branded portals & onboarding packages with electronic signature capability across countries with multi-language support

Key Features ✓ Onboarding ✓ Transition management ✓ Offboarding ✓ Custom Reporting ✓ Employee Experience ✓ Mobile optimized ✓ People Insights ✓ Time Off management ✓ Workflows ✓ Smart Emails


GoCo is a SaaS firm that provides HR platforms and innovative, efficient HR management solutions.

Their onboarding software provides all the paperwork required, including confidentiality agreements, I-9 and W-4 forms, among others. Once compiled, it is centralized alongside the employee’s personal information and benefits data. This makes employee management much easier with a centralized repository.

The onboarding platform provided by GoCo even offers services like payroll management, benefits enrollment, and employee self-service besides welcoming new employees. With GoCo, get full visibility into your hiring metrics while designing, automating, and refining what you need.


Lessonly is a user-friendly online learning tool that enhances team productivity. This robust platform allows teams to practice various tasks, acquire new skills, and much more. Also, it allows you to design assorted programs and resources which give your team members the confidence to support your organization.

Lessonly provides an exceptional onboarding experience tailored for your business, reducing onboarding time. You can choose useLessonly’s onboarding platform to upgrade your new hires’ skills as they blend into your team.


BambooHR’s onboarding platform handles the complete recruitment process, including job postings, screenings, interviews, signing, and employee management.

Hiding its powerful onboarding capabilities behind a simple user interface, the software allows you to utilize features like e-signatures, applicant tracking, and more. This lets you focus on adding new talent and providing necessary support.

BambooHR comes with an open API to facilitate integration with other popular applications, and customized workflows to enhance team productivity. It also provides employee analytics for tracking productivity and engagement.


ClearCompany excels in handling significant employee-related tasks. It provides excellent support for every stage of your employee lifecycle, including sourcing, talent acquisition, performance management, and analytics.

This platform aids diverse small and midsize businesses. Every new hire is granted access to a personal portal where they can access documents and company information.

Managers can easily track each employee’s career progression through a functional dashboard. You have the flexibility to customize the software according to the needs of your team and tools you use.


Zenefits allows cost-conscious companies to easily manage their new hires. Its powerful HR platform is easy to navigate, saving you valuable learning time. It offers a range of services, from enhancing the onboarding process to supervising performance reviews.

By managing payrolls and benefits timely via automated data flow, this software ensures employee satisfaction. Zenefits’ HCM portfolio includes its onboarding solutions, offering a highly customizable, flexible, and engaging experience. Based on your employees’ needs, you can design and manage comprehensive healthcare benefits and timely team benefits.

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