Michigan Joins Other States to Ban Requiring Social Media Passwords

House Bill 5523, introduced by Reps. Aric Nesbitt and Paul Opsommer, would bar employers and educational institutions from requiring employees, job applicants, students and prospective students to disclose their passwords, usernames or log-in information to social networking sites. The bill would also bar employers and educational institutions from discharging, disciplining, failing to hire or otherwise […]

Social Networking Online Protection Act (SNOPA) Introduced

Congressman Eliot Engel and Rep. Jan Schakowsky introduced a legislation to protect users of social networking sites from having to divulge personal information to employers, schools and universities. The legislation protects people already employed or enrolled, and those seeking employment or admittance, or those facing disciplinary action. The bill called Social Networking Online Protection Act […]

HR Technology Trends

The role of HR has gone through a sea of change over the years from being a personnel management system that was more administrative in its nature to a human resource management where employees are seen as resources or critical assets in an organization. The role of technology has also steadily increased with the course […]

Do Social Media Check: The Right Way

One of the most content-rich sources for background information today is social media. Its expanding presence in our daily lives makes it natural place to search for information on its 800 million users. Moreover the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided that the year-old startup¬†Social Intelligence Corporation¬†operates within the guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting […]