The Future of Talent Acquisition 2020

Talent Acquisition Strategy

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has spurred many recruitment specialists to quickly adapt their talent acquisition (TA) processes, priorities, and technologies to new realities. To aid such specialists in these uncertain times, along with EMP Trust HR conducted a survey to get a snapshot of what the TA function looks like now and what HR professionals think it will look like in the future.


What are the key goals for the TA function over the next three years?

For example, what is currently driving and hindering TA? What are the key goals for the TA function over the next three years? Which technologies will be critical for future success? This survey was fielded after several Covid-19 public health measures were put into place, and answers may be influenced by the response to the pandemic. However, the survey also encouraged respondents to take a longer view, looking ahead to the next several years.



In the e-book you will learn the following:

  • The Current State of Talent and Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Acquisition Practices and Technologies
  • What Will the Future of Talent Acquisition Look Like?
  • How Do Talent Leaders Differ from Talent Laggards?
  • The Recruitment Technology Landscape




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