Digitizing the Form I-9 Process Using Electronic I-9: Streamlining Section 1, Section 2, Reverification & E-Verify in 2024

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For HR managers, the Form I-9 process is a critical aspect of employee onboarding. However, paper-based documentation can be cumbersome and lead to errors. Thankfully, modern technology provides solutions to simplify the process and shorten onboarding times. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of a digital Form I-9 process and how it streamlines Section 1, Section 2, Reverification, and E-Verify in 2024.


  • Simplifying Section 1

With a digital Form I-9 process, employees can complete Section 1 online before they start working. This ensures that all essential information is captured, increasing accuracy, and minimizing the potential for human error. Moreover, it reduces the time it takes to onboard new employees by removing the need for in-person paperwork filling.

  • Streamlining Section 2

The current paper-based process for Section 2 requires employers to make copies of physical documents presented by the employee. Digital identity verification allows for an efficient and secure way to complete Section 2. Employees can take photos of their documentation, and HR Managers can verify their authenticity and complete the form digitally. This results in a faster, more comfortable, and more accurate process. With the current trend of employees working remotely, it’s also an efficient way to onboard staff without in-office guidance.


  • Simplifying Reverification

Re-verification may seem simple, but the process can be time-consuming, particularly when done manually, leading to potential legal risks. With the digital Form I-9 process, employees can receive automatic reminders ahead of the re-verification deadline. Therefore, when the time comes, employees can upload renewed documentation, and HR Managers can electronically complete the updated form in a few clicks.


  • Enhancing E-Verify Compliance

Electronic Form I-9s enable employers to establish a compliant E-Verify process. The digital documentation captures the necessary information for E-Verify compliance, reducing the administrative burden. Even more, digital platforms can integrate with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.


  • Metrics and Compliance

HR Managers leverage the benefits of electronic Form I-9 processes by having a higher level of visibility to visualize compliance data via real-time analytics. This level of data visualization assists managers to stay on top of Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance comprehensively.


The advantages of digital-based Form I-9 processes are clear for HR Managers. They reduce the time required to onboard new employees, maintain accuracy, and establish compliance effectively. The ease of use of these systems, combined with the power of automation and real-time analytics, affords HR Managers actionable insights to monitor and maintain their Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance rapidly. By embracing digital identity verification, HR Managers can enhance the efficiency of their employee onboarding processes and ensure legal compliance with no hiccups.

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