SAVE Act re-introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler

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Rep. Heath Shuler has reintroduced legislation that would mandate use of E-Verify nationwide, strengthen border security and improve enforcement of immigration law.

The SAVE Act takes a three-pronged approach to combat illegal immigration through increased border security, mandatory worker verification, and improved interior enforcement. A bipartisan group of 29 Representatives joined Shuler’s efforts by cosponsoring the bill.

“Illegal immigration continues to be one of the most serious national security and economic problems facing our country,” said Rep. Shuler. “The American people have called on leaders in Washington to take action, yet thousands of immigrants continue to cross our borders illegally every week. The SAVE Act provides commonsense, effective solutions to strengthen border security and finally bring an end to illegal immigration.”

The legislation would phase in mandatory use of E-Verify. In the first phase, federal agencies, federal contractors and employers with more than 250 employees would be required to use the program within one year of enactment of the act. Within two years of enactment, employers with 100 or more employees would be required to use the system while employers with 30 or more employees would have three years to meet verification requirements. Finally, within four years of enactment, all employers would be required to verify employment eligibility for all employees through the E-Verify program. In addition, the bill would require that businesses expand the program to confirm the work status of all current employees, not just new hires.

The SAVE Act along with mandate for E-Verify also contains within it provision for border and other security controls for the nation.

  • Requires the Commissioner of Social Security to notify each employer on an annual basis about employees with account numbers that do not match the employee’s name or date of birth and to notify each individual if earnings from two or more employers are being reported under that person’s Social Security number.
  • Requires a national strategy to secure the borders and all ports of entry.
  • Directs the DHS and Department of Defense (DoD) to establish a program for recruiting former members of the Armed Services and National Guard to join the Border Protection Service. Specifically recommends a $20,000 ($80,000 throughout employment) student loan repayment incentive and relocation/retention bonuses.
  • Among other measures allows border state Governors to declare a national border emergency and request up to 1000 additional border agents, create a virtual fence along borders comprised of UAVs, drones, cameras, poles, sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and other equipment.
  • Provides 8,000 additional beds for holding illegal aliens and requires at least 500 beds in a family detention facility.

The main argument against the SAVE Act is error rate in the SSA database which is the basis for E-Verify. This could result in 2.5 million citizens and legal immigrants being misidentified as unauthorized to work in the United States each year. With USCIS trying its level best to bring about an error free and easy to use application, the error rate has gone down with 97.7% accuracy in cases. If the SAVE Act is passed there would be a nation-wide mandate to enroll in E-Verify and ensure a legal workforce.

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