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EMP Trust HR Policy management software is a cloud based application that streamlines the creation, circulation, approvals, implementation and compliance of organizational policies across workplace departments. Handle inbuilt and customizable templates for all nature of policies. Optimize workflows and procedures to oversee, evaluate and approve corporate policies. Ensure safe and secure storage of all corporate policies with clear audit trails and total compliance.

Our Policy Manager enables businesses to create and communicate business policies across departments. The solution enables users to digitize documents, use customizable or inbuilt templates and aids in the review, approval and editing of policies and procedures. Regulatory compliance and audit trails can be managed throughout the life-cycle of the policy.  Policy Manager is utilized by compliance teams and legal departments to ensure and track adherence to company policy and regulatory guidelines across the organization.

This policy management tool can be employed in specific teams integrating with other existing management solutions or within the entire organization as part of its broader governance and risk management plan. The web or cloud based software offers insights with enhanced analytics and reports and real time dashboards. Email notifications and reminders are sent out updating users on changes or requesting approvals.

Below are some of the features of our policy management application

  • Customizable and In-built Templates

Create policies by uploading existing policies or using customizable or in-built templates.

  • Policy Archive

Archive policies in an easily accessible location enabling employees, auditors and compliance officers to view them with ease.

  • Review and Approval

Streamline policy creation workflow with email notifications and reminders to stakeholders that need to review and approve policies.

  • Status Quo

Ensure everyone is on the same page with regard to the status of each policy. Track changes, version history, prevent accidental loss of work and enable everyone works on the latest version.

  • Discussions Boards

Utilize custom discussion boards and tools to work together as team while developing policies.

  • Real-Time Dashboards

Easy access and quick overview of policy status.

  • Search, Reports and Analysis

Effortlessly search policies, export reports and gain insights using enhanced analytics.

  • Regulate Access

Regulate user access and manage permissions to view or edit policies.

  • Track Audit Trail and Ensure Compliance

Track changes and policy life-cycle  monitor with records of users and stakeholders.

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