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Onboarding new hires with paper and spreadsheets is a big headache. HR managers waste lot of time and energy in redundant activities, filing and collecting paper documents. New hires initial few days are unproductive sitting in orientation classes and filling out forms mechanically. Using Paper for onboarding can be a lengthy complex process requiring lots of time, cost and detail. It also takes up a lot of space and incurs storage, printing, logistics and transportation costs. Furthermore, managing employee files in a paper format is highly cumbersome and insecure. Searching for a needed document or conducting an audit could be a nightmare in this case.

Electronic onboarding of new hires still remains a distant dream and unexplored territory for most organisations, but with the willingness to change backed by a quality software application, we will witness a paradigm shift in the way HR processes are handled. We help you streamline you onboarding process with electronic onboarding and digital signatures simplifying the onboarding process and eradicating redundant tasks.

Emptrust Digital signatures help simplify workflows and approvals saving time and cost. New hires can view, fill, review and sign all of their onboarding paperwork digitally. New hires can be onboarded from any location, and the electronic documents can be send to concerned departments for their approvals and signatures. Physical transportation of documents is eradicated. Digital Documents don’t get lost in the process but flows effortlessly to the designated authorities for review, consent and approval. Digitally signed documents are more safe and secure than paper. They don’t go missing or suffer vandalism and can easily be traced by the HR manager.

With the help of Emptrust Employee Onboarding Software we can transform your HR onboarding processes. Emptrust HR is an applicant tracking and onboarding system suitable for businesses of all sizes. Key features include forms management, task management, compliance tracking, employee training, benefits administration and employee portals.

EMP Trust HR features an onboarding wizard where new hires can learn about company culture, complete all required paperwork, understand HR policies, sign up for benefits, understand all required tasks and view training and orientation schedules. Forms can also be setup to display by each location’s needs with configurable profiles based on employee hire type and can be configured to display instructions. Users can generate I-9 forms electronically, track completion and meet any USCIS requirements with audit reports and logs.

The solution also offers training courses and users can assign employees to specific courses tasks and track completion via the new hire learning portal. Employees and new hires can learn about and compare plans, link to online content and then sign up for benefits.

The application also provides enhanced support for mobile applications for hourly workers, a smart user interface that provides a visually rich and intuitive user experience, enhanced dashboards and reports, and additional tools for high-volume hiring for hiring managers and associates.

EMP Trust Software Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows companies to choose best-of-breed solutions for applicant tracking, payroll and benefits, allowing them to scale rapidly without integration concerns. The solutions make it easier to acquire talent to fill positions, onboard new hires and complete all paperwork with the required compliance across global locations.

Hiring manager and HR users benefit from a series of enhancements. They can view an updated snapshot of key tasks, guide new employees & engage employees through the onboarding process with training and HR orientation. Automation of key tasks and provisioning enables companies to automate messages to new hires via SMS and email, track completion and ensure employee productivity and readiness for success from day one.

Some key features include:

  • SMS Support and Mobile Apps: This popular feature enables HR users to engage and complete onboarding for hourly workers who do not have an email with SMS and native mobile applications to complete all onboarding paperwork. No more missed paperwork. Includes robust tracking using identifiers like department, location and category and systematic reporting.
  • New Hire Onboarding Portal Experience: The updated new hire portal provides visually rich and relevant information through an updated graphical user interface that allows new hires to receive information based on their job, hire type, track tasks and forms for completion. This simplifies and speeds up the onboarding process, allowing candidates to be more productive because they only have to provide relevant information once.
  • HR Managers Dashboards: the updated managers dashboards provide relevant tasks, information on each new hire, including form I-9 and E-Verify steps and pending critical compliance tasks.
  • Remote Hiring: HR users benefit from tools for remote hiring, including access to remote agent network for form I-9 completion.
  • Cross Boarding & High-Volume Hiring: This feature supports high-volume and bulk hiring for large events with automated onboarding tools–including cross boarding due to company mergers and acquisitions–for large groups of employees.
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