EMP Trust HR & Jazz HR Bring businesses Best-in-Class solutions to Source & Onboard New Hires

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Partnership helps HR deliver exceptional hiring and onboarding experience for new hires from application to first day on-the-job.

EMP Trust HR, a leader in employee onboarding software platform and JazzHR, a recruiting solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses announced a partnership that brings onboard effective tools to execute each phase of the hiring and onboarding process. Together the companies software lets SMBs find and hire better candidates faster and keep them engaged before and during onboarding.

Data shows over 80 percent of new hires decide whether or not to stay with the Company in the first 6 months. Also nearly 40 percent of new hires fail within the first one year. Finding a replacement for a new hire can be very expensive. Onboarding is critical to the success of any organization. New hires who go through a structured onboarding process are more likely to stay with the company on the long run. Companies can hire the best talent and keep the new hires engaged and productive from day one by automating the recruiting and onboarding processes. HR solutions can contribute to a more streamlined, structured hiring and onboarding experience.

Once companies hire a good talent, EMP Trust HR helps deliver a seamless, engaging onboarding process by:

  • Leveraging a full range of features spanning the complete onboarding cycle, companies can initially deploy engagement portals via the software’s onboarding wizard.
  • Giving new hires access to a rich online welcome pack detailing culture, practice, corporate policy, training and more – all customizable to location, department and job role.
  • Going paperless with electronic employment form management and retention while assigning and tracking internal or external tasks associated with the onboarding process.
  • Ensuring Compliance is supported by Form I-9 and E-Verify services for reducing errors, meeting USCIS requirements and being subject to thorough audit report logs.

EMP Trust HR, a leader in Employee onboarding, Electronic I-9 and E-Verify software suitable for businesses of all sizes. Key features include forms management, task management, compliance tracking, employee training, benefits administration and employee portals. EMP Trust HR provides a suite of legally compliant employee onboarding and workforce management solutions.

“We are continuously innovating and are making significant investments in our software based on client needs to retain our leadership position in employee onboarding and HR compliance software,” said Mary Abraham, EMP Trust Client Success Manager.
“Our goal is to help users with a visually rich user experience to improve onboarding and compliance for HR users. Both HR and employees achieve significant productivity benefits through the new, intuitive management features. Additionally, customers enjoy one integrated workflow, so there is no need to switch back and forth between multiple vendor systems on our platform.”

For more information on how to give your candidates the best pre- to post-hire experience, visit www.emptrust.com or contact [email protected].

For recruitment, JazzHR’s solutions help businesses source the best candidate pipeline and make the right hires by:

  • Connecting with candidates wherever they are with wide job posting & syndication reach.
  • Creating mobile friendly career sites to reach more candidates.
  • Easily evaluating a candidate during the interview process, with score-based assessments.
  • Use data to identify top skills associated with the top hires and make competitive offers.


EMP Trust HR offers a comprehensive employee onboarding solution that can incorporate all of your HR required documents to be fully electronic including Form I-9, Federal, State and City forms, company-specific forms including employee handbook and HR policy sign off with an electronic signature capability. This can be integrated into SAP or other HRIS systems for seamless flow of information.
The solution provides a completely paperless solution with automation of internal tasks, a branded new hire portal with your branding/logos, custom welcome messages, and video embeds on an easy to use HRIS platform. We support any device including desktops, tablets, and phones with no software to install. To learn more about EMPTrust, visit www.emptrust.com.


JazzHR is a powerful, user-friendly and affordable recruiting software that is purpose-built to help growing SMBs exceed their recruiting goals. JazzHR’s groundbreaking software replaces time-consuming, manual hiring processes with intuitive hiring tools that help recruiters and hiring managers build an effective recruiting process that results in great hires. To learn more about JazzHR, visit www.jazzhr.com or follow us at twitter.com/JazzDotCo.

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