HR Policy Manager

Easily create, approve and distribute HR policies with our Policy manager solution.

Streamline creation, management, approval and distribution of HR policies to your entire workforce. Track and get required employee signatures for HR policy changes

  • HR Policy management software simplifies the policy lifecycle, ensuring your organization is updated with the latest HR policies.
  • Create, organize, edit, review, approve and distribute your HR policy and procedure documents.
  • Keep policies current and ensure you company is compliant with changing local, state and federal regulations. Stay updated with frequent changes in HR policies and handbooks.
  • Implement HR best practices and align changes based on State or Federal regulations.

Streamline the Policy Lifecycle

A secure, cloud-based vault to manage policies, regulations, and procedures across their entire lifecycle. Ensure your organization is compliant with the latest policies and procedures.

Built, customize and update employee handbook and policies

  • Built and design your employee handbook using our built-in, customizable templates. All templates are user friendly and mobile friendly.
  • Monitor, track and review reports for every employee regarding employee signature status. Track forms and policies signed by employees and those that are pending confirmation.
  • Communicate with employees via single click or automate communication regarding policies needing legally binding electronic signatures. Get alerts, notifications and reminders.
  • Alert managers on employee signature status and those yet to sign off on policies.
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