State Compliance Solution

Automate your onboarding process. Stay updated with changing state notifications and regulations, merge new hire and state forms.

Enhanced New Hire Experience

Ensure a simple and engaging process for new hires, hiring managers, and HR team.

  • Comply with increasing number of new hire notification requirements of new hires for all states. New hires guided to acknowledge and fill all state forms error free in a secure environment. Inform new hires of state policies and legislations regarding leave policy and wages or salaries. Forms are pre-populated with new hire info.
Compliance Tracking & Audit Trails

Flexible, secure and centralized portal for managing state-specific compliance needs electronically.

  • Monitor legislation for each state to guard the organization against regulatory non-compliance. Track form completion, store electronically for audit trail and provide insightfull reports to employers. Audit electronically with authorized access, secure storage and audit trails.
State Specific & Streamlined Solution

State specific and streamlined solution ensures reduced risk of audits and compliance issues for employers.

  • Reduce risk and cost by automating the notification process. Cover state notices for all 50 states. Multi-state and federal compliant offer letters, configurable forms with employee agreements, NDA and Non-compete letters.

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Systematic and Timely Updates

Timely updations for all states to comply with new state regulations

  • Each state has different standards and requirements for the notifications. Track notification requirements for every state and update the forms, and develop new forms when new notification requirements arise or new legislations are passed.
  • States introduce legislation that necessitates new forms to be filled by employees and stored by employers such as new hire wage forms, notifications regarding discrimination, commission contracts, paid sick leave notifications and pregnancy related legislation. Employer must notify new hires of all new laws implemented by the state to stay compliant.
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