New Hire Onboarding Statistics [2023]

  • 54% of companies with onboarding programs report greater employee engagement.
  • In companies that don’t onboard well, the new hires only spend 22% of their time productively.
  • However, in companies where a proper onboarding plan is followed, the new hires spend about 88% of their time productively.
  • New hires who claim that they experienced an “exceptional” onboarding program, are more likely to be extremely satisfied by their organization by 2.6 times.
  • In companies where effective onboarding plans and processes are followed, employee retention increases by up to 82%.
  • The feedback collection aspect of the new hire onboarding process aids the improvement of employee-employer relationships by 91%.
  • 70% of new hires, that experience an extraordinarily great onboarding process exclaim that they have “the best possible jobs” while the remaining 30% do not find their jobs to be the most ideal ones for them.
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